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The FLUID FILM service we use at this center is a commercial military grade based application.


FLUID FILM® is manufactured using an intricate heating and blending process, which combines unrefined wool wax with selective polar agents and corrosion inhibitors, creating a unique, lanolin-based formulation that stops existing rust on contact. Penetrating on contact, it creates a fluid, self-healing barrier that is always active and will not chip or crack, protecting vehicle undercoating’s and exposed metals for extended periods of time.   


FLUID FILM® penetrates to the base metal, providing a lasting, protective barrier from the corrosive effects of moisture, salts, calcium and sodium chloride, pesticides and fertilizers. Offering an easy “no drip” application, FLUID FILM® offers a cheaper and more effective alternative to the standard hard-under-body coatings. Protecting undercoating from metal deterioration, FLUID FILM® also remains soft and pliable, making it self-healing, non-drying, and impossible to crack. FLUID FILM® migrates to inaccessible areas. 


FLUID FILM is one of our most popular products. We are able to adjust viscosity to cater to your specific vehicles condition.  

Rear Axel coated 3.jpg
Coated under vehicle 4.jpg
Coated under vehicle 8.jpg
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